The only reversal agent that specifically targets FXa inhibitors1

ANDEXXA® binds to and sequesters FXa inhibitors, allowing native FXa to restore thrombin activity, a necessary step in fibrin and clot formation.*1-4

*ANDEXXA has not been shown to be effective for, and is not indicated for, the treatment of bleeding related to any FXa inhibitors other than apixaban or rivaroxaban.

Magnet Magnet

ANDEXXA: a modified recombinant FXa protein1

ANDEXXA acts as a FXa decoy that:1,3
  • Binds directly to free-floating FXa inhibitors with high affinity
  • Sequesters FXa inhibitors
  • Rapidly reduces free plasma concentration of FXa inhibitors, neutralizing their anticoagulant effect
Professional Guidelines

See the standard of care guidelines from American College of Cardiology (ACC), CHEST, and more.

FXa is critical to thrombin generation in the coagulation cascade†1,2,4,5

fxa-thrombin-gen-mobile-20200211 fxa-thrombin-gen-20200111

An improvement in hemostasis has not been established.1

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